Larpenteur Animal Hospital

1136 Larpenteur Ave. W.
St. Paul, MN 55113


Pet of the Month

For the new pet of the month, we’ve decided to showcase our very own Larpenteur Animal Hospital clinic cat, Pumba!  Pumba is a brown tabby domestic short hair who came to live with us several years ago when her owners could no longer keep her.  She lives in the upstairs of the clinic, dividing her time between the doctors' offices and the main room where she listens with infinite patience to the whistling, chatting and occasional screaming of the clinic bird, Picasso.  Dr. Julie fondly refers to her as the “loaf of bread” cat as she is more than a little sedentary in her habits though rouses on occasion to do some filing of the clinic’s X-rays (brown manila envelopes shown in the pictures below) and is very generous in sharing her many loose hairs on the clinic furniture (also visible in the photos).  She is a most agreeable and easy going cat and we were lucky to inherit her — congratulations, Pumba on being pet-of-the-month!